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Aembras (2018)

Synopsis: Aembras means freedom. Aembras means opportunity. Aembras means dignity. Aembras is feeling better and living well. This is exactly what attracted Trina Kemper-Lomax to the company, but companies like this don't reward small, quiet people. Sales are slow, inventory is stacking up, and she feels like her moment is slipping away. Her dreams feel like they are right in front of her, should she grab them? Can she?

Starring: Tara Warren, Dean Shortland, Aviva Leigh, Aly Gonzales, and Ryan Barboza

Produced by: Tony Dancy

Written and Produced by: Trey McClarnon

Written and Directed by: Chad McClarnon

Original Music by: Adam Bokesch



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Official Teaser Trailer (Ultra HD) - Still Sophie (2016)

Synopsis: Four and a half years ago, young talent Sophia Salveson’s life changed forever. Doctors said she may never walk again, may never talk again...may never perform again. They were wrong.

Featuring: Sophia Salveson

Written and Directed by: Caroline Knight

Written, Shot, and Produced by: Chad McClarnon Original Music by: Adam Bokesch

For more info visit our Still Sophie Page



Official Teaser Trailer (HD) - Daddy's Little Girl (2015)

SYNOPSIS: A precocious little girl uses her self-taught science knowledge to finally tackle the problem of her abusive father head on

Starring: Robin-August Fritsch, Michael Kitts, and Sulivan Street

Directed, Shot, and Edited by Chad McClarnon

Written by Trey McClarnon

Original Music by Rae Hering

For more info visit our Daddy’s Little Girl Page



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Bear With Me Card 2.jpg

Official One-Sheet artwork - Bear With Me

Logline: Sunday afternoons are always better with a friend. 




Official Trailer - A New Life (2011) a Chad McClarnon short film

Synopsis: A young reluctant artist stuck in a job that he hates and is newly married to a strong, supportive, and successful young woman. Having just purchased their first house the artist is struggling to find time to help his wife set things up at home; fretting over decisions and situations that may be more important than he thinks.

Starring: Jennifer Blake, Andrew Kanies and Don Day.



Official Selection PFF2012

Official Trailer - without (2011) a Chad McClarnon short film

Synopsis: Distracted at work from an unresolved fight with her lover, Laura is late for an important staff meeting that appears to have ended abruptly. She soon discovers that she is alone in the building without explanation. 
Discovering that the building has been evacuated without her Laura struggles to find a way out. On the outside, the one that loves Laura the most is faced with the hardest decision of her life.

Starring Chelsea McMahon, Ciciley Hoffman and Elan Crawford




Trailer to the much anticipated action film of the summer - MM: The Final Cut

"coming soon" to a theater near you...yeah that sounds good.

Song is "Third Hand" by Telecommunicators. They're an amazing Nashville Based band, go buy their stuff.


Chad McClarnon and his brother Trey McClarnon started Best Part Productions in 2010 to create a place where creative people could work together to make great things.

We are a Nashville-based group of award-winning filmmakers, artists, musicians, writers, and designers focused on creating visually compelling, narrative-driven pieces in all manner of digital media. Do you have a story that needs telling? We can help you with that.